Grasshopper Strategy

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Our Capabilities

We offer flexibility and problem solving.

We are here to help our clients solve business challenges.

These could be:

  • General challenges such as helping particular teams or functions in your business engage more deeply with their customers.

  • Specific challenges such as better understanding particular target groups to provide a sharper focus on future innovation or to shape meaningful communication.

We believe that by helping our clients spend real-time with their target customers, we can help them solve these challenges.

So we connect each participating team member with a customer Buddy, and provide strategic and practical support as well as training where necessary to enable them to get the most out of their Buddy relationship and use it to solve their business challenges.


How Can We Help?

Buddying with customers.

Do all of your functions know your customers as real people, behind the veneer of social media? Do you know what’s going on in their lives and how that’s informing their brand and category choices?

  • We offer a programme of structured, one-to-one meet-ups between your participating teams and handpicked customers - or Buddies - to help you better understand your customers as individuals.

  • Ideally, these would be face-to-face, but we also offer webcam meet-ups.

  • These can be one-off meet-ups or a regular series of meet-ups over time.

  • We have a global reach and a big focus on precision recruitment to ensure you speak to the right individuals worldwide.

  • This approach gives any function the opportunity to get to know your customers as real people, and better understand the cultural context of their lives.

Training & support.

Do your team regularly get out of their comfort zone to acquire new meaningful learning about your customers?

  • Some of your colleagues may have never conducted primary research, and be out of their comfort zone trying to build a rapport and elicit information from customers in their homes. We are all about empowering your teams to meet and connect with your customers themselves, but we appreciate they may need some help.

  • To this end, we provide dedicated coaching from best-in-class, MRS-accredited trainers on how to make the meet-ups go smoothly, ask questions, listen actively, interpret body language, avoid correcting, and generally put respondents at ease.

  • These can take the form of dedicated training days or ‘shadowing’ a member of the Ask my Buddy team on a number of meet-ups before running one themselves.

  • We also provide discussion guides, capture templates, guidance and market-specific cultural tips to help your team have the confidence necessary to develop a positive relationship with their Buddies, get the most out of their time with them, and ensure that the information they are gathering is in-line with the overarching strategic ambitions.




A flexible mix of real world and digital tools.

Are there frustrations that budgets or timelines don't currently allow you to gather insights from all your key markets?

  • Context is king. So we offer a flexible mix of real world and digital tools to help you go deeper and truly immerse your team in their Buddies’ lives.

  • We advocate spending face-to-face time with your team’s Buddies and use a number of ‘ethnography-style’ approaches to help you do so.

  • However, we can combine these with cutting edge digital partners, from mobile ethnography to eye-tracking and 360º webcam immersion, to create bespoke solutions, enable multi-market research and help you get inside your customer’s lives, even from a distance!


A responsive panel of trusted customers.

Do you have a responsive panel of trusted customers that you can reach out to at a moment’s notice?

  • Increasingly clients want to get quick and easy feedback from target customers. Maybe overnight on some concepts developed in a workshop. Or to get a quick response to some potential new packaging designs or ideas for TV ads.

  • To help you get the most out of your Buddy relationships, we can also convert all of your Buddies into an online Buddy Panel. 

  • We offer a secure, easy-to-use online platform that enables your teams to contact their Buddies directly. It’s perfect for those ‘if only we could just find out whether…’ moments.

And we can configure this to meet your needs; channels can be:

  • Private between one client and their Buddy

  • Restricted to a particular function and all their Buddies

  • Completely open across the whole programme.

  • It’s entirely up to you…


A clear strategic focus.

Is all your contact with customers informed by clear strategic focus?

  • We work with key stakeholders to create a strategic framework upfront that gives focus and direction to the programme, and ensures that there are clear targets, timelines and ambitions.

  • Depending on the type and length of the project, we can also facilitate regular internal touchpoints with the team, capture key learning, and set out the ambitions for the next phase.

  • Above all, we ensure that our deliverables and recommendations are clear, punchy and actionable.


We make all this easy for you and your colleagues.

Do you have a cost‐effective, agile, hassle‐free methodology that will enable all this?

We understand that you’re super-busy. And that getting folks from beyond the insight function to attend research can be somewhat tricky. That’s why we take care of all the tricky stuff, such as…

  • Recruitment

  • Logistics

  • Scheduling & locations of meet-ups

  • Circulation of any materials

  • Gathering and analysis of outputs

  • Management of the Buddy Panel

So all your colleagues need to do is literally turn up at the agreed time and place, and start learning about their Buddy.