Buddying with customers

Do all of your functions know your customers as real people, behind the veneer of social media? Do you know what’s going on in their lives and how that’s informing their brand and category choices?


A flexible mix of real world and digital tools

Do all your functions appreciate how the cultural context of customers in different markets can give them totally different perspectives?


A clear strategic focus

Is all your contact with customers informed by clear strategic focus?


A note about language

With any multimarket customer closeness programme, overcoming language barriers is always a key challenge to resolve.

Training & support

Are all of your colleagues skilled at interviewing customers and developing a rapport with them? Do your team need to get out of their comfort zone to get meaningful learning about your customers?


A responsive panel of trusted customers

Do you have a responsive panel of trusted customers that you can reach out to at a moment’s notice?


Easy for you and your colleagues

Do you have a cost‐effective, agile, hassle‐free methodology that will enable all this?