Grasshopper Strategy


Ask My Buddy

Helping clients get to know their customers better.

Ask My Buddy is a new and unique approach to help our clients get to know their customers as real people through our ‘Buddying’ system.

It combines multiple qualitative approaches with best-in-class training programmes to empower client teams to better understand their customers, and translate this knowledge into sharper-tailored innovation and communication.


Why Ask My Buddy?

Does Your Business Need Ask My Buddy?

Here’s the key questions checklist. If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you urgently need Ask My Buddy!


Do all of your functions know your customers as real people, behind the veneer of social media? Do they know what's going on in their lives and how that's informing their brand and category choices?


Do your team regularly get out of their comfort zone to acquire new meaningful learning about your customers? And would they feel sufficiently equipped to develop a rapport with them?


Are there frustrations that budgets or timelines don't currently allow you to gather insights from all your key markets?


Do you have a responsive panel of trusted customers that you can reach out to at a moment’s notice?


Is all your contact with customers informed by clear strategic focus?


Do you have a cost-effective, agile, hassle‐free methodology that will enable all this?


Ask My Buddy will enable you to shift...



  • Reactive

  • Slow to change

  • Business-led

  • Inward facing

  • Didactic

  • Innovating in hope


  • Proactive

  • Nimble

  • Customer-centric

  • Outward facing

  • Treating customers as equals

  • Innovating in certainty